About Us

Accio! is the original artisnal subscription box 100% inspired by the Potterverse. All our boxes are vegan & cruelty-free with the most size-inclusive wearables in the fandom. We strive to support independent artists and small businesses creating the most unique items for Potterheads everywhere. We've been shipping magical, handcrafted items to subscribers all over the world since 2016 and have worked with some of the most beloved artists and creators in the fandom. Each box is curated for fans of the series by our certified team of total HP nerds, so we only choose items that we love ourselves. Focusing on eco-friendliness and fair pay for our artists, we work hard to surprise and delight our subscribers with every single box.

Meet the Team

Name - Christina Mäki Linville 

Position - Creative Director 

House - Badger

Favorite Character - Charlie, tamer of dragons (and also my heart). 

Favorite Chapter Of The Series - Flight of the Prince (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)

Why Accio! - I founded Accio! several years ago as a way to combine my love for the magical world with my creative skills and my passion for supporting and uplifting independent artists and fandom creators. It has been an incredible adventure and has also given me the amazing opportunity to work from home while raising my own two young wizards!

Name - Kevin Lohmann

Position - Head of Marketing

House - Lion

Favorite Character - Gilderoy Lockhart

Favorite Chapter Of The Series - The Prince's Tale (Deathly Hallows)

Why Accio! - I originally was a subscriber to Accio!, which I chose over other boxes because it catered to the age of Potter fan that I was; someone who wasn’t looking for a lot of toys or collectibles or licensed items, but actual practical fandom goods. Once I became part of the community, though, I knew I had found a home on the internet. That made me want to engage more deeply, eventually being able to join the team!

Name - Cassidy Scott 

Position - Creative Assistant 

House - Eagle. I have three Snake best friends, though, so maybe we do Sort too soon. 

Favorite Character - Luna Lovegood! 

Favorite Chapter of the Series - Diagon Alley (The Sorcerer’s Stone) 

Why Accio! - I’ve been a huge HP fan for as long as I can remember, and getting to be on the team that brings so much of that magic to life is beyond cool. Accio! is unique, supports small businesses, and puts good into the world - and that’s my favorite kind of company. 

Name - Clara Jean Llorca

Position - Customer Service

House - Snake

Favorite Character - Snape

Favorite Chapter Of The Series - Order Of The Phoenix

Why Accio! - Working with the team is fantastic! I have just started my journey with Accio! not too long ago (March 2021) and all I can say is I am so very happy with my experience so far. Work doesn't feel like work at all and I'm looking forward to resolving more customer tickets and designing more posters for Accio!