Accio! Cares

Charitable giving and an eco-friendly mindset are all part of our business model. Find out how we give back to our community and our planet!

Accio! Gives Back

One of the things we love about owning a successful business is the opportunities it has afforded to us for charitable giving.

Each quarter, we try to find at least one cause we want to contribute to, either by giving a lump sum to an organization we believe in, donating in-kind items to people in need, or committing a portion of our proceeds to benefit a group doing important work. Here is a list of the organizations we have supported since we began:


We take our roles as stewards of the earth very seriously, and to that end, we try to incorporate “green” practices into our business wherever we can. Here are some of the ways we have worked to reduce our impact on the planet and support sustainability:

  • By keeping our packaging simple, we can ensure that all of our shipping materials are made from recycled material that’s also recyclable itself, and because we use companies that utilize soy-based inks and vegetable-based adhesives, they’re also biodegradable and even compostable. (And when we say everything, we mean everything–even our shipping labels and tape are compost-safe!)
  • We think all creatures are magical, so we don’t use any animal-derived products in our boxes. That means all of our boxes are vegan-friendly and 100% cruelty-free!
  • Our t-shirt manufacturer is a US-based company that uses a solar-powered, zero-waste facility and a high-efficiency dyeing process that uses up to seven times less water than other manufacturers. (And they’re WRAP-certified, so no sweatshop labor here!)
  • We always choose the most eco-friendly option available to us when selecting which materials we make our products out of, whether that means searching for notebooks made from recycled paper, or choosing wooden spoons made from sustainably farmed bamboo!

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