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Well, it's February...what did you expect? It's a box all about love! February's box will celebrate everything about the series that has to do with that feeling we're all seeking. Whether it's the places, the feelings, the people, or the scents, February's Love box will brighten up your cold months and put a little warmth into your heart. And are you looking for the best spot in the village for a quick romantic day out? Stop by Madam Puddifoot's for a quick spot of tea, a nice scone, and a lovely time with your favorite person! Printed on our always buttery soft Accio! tees, this exclusive design is available only in February's Love box! Make sure to subscribe before we sell out!

Spoiler #2

Whether your lips are dry from the long winter or you have someone who wants to snog you constantly, this is exactly what you need! This lovely tube of peppermint-eucalyptus lip balm was made right here in the USA by J and L Naturals. It is vegan, zero-waste, and Lavender approved!