We are SO EXCITED about our first-ever Accio! Halloween Box, and it seems you are, too!

We’ve gotten tons of questions about our Accio Halloween Box, so we wanted to take a minute and clear up some of these frequently asked questions, and give you a few hints as to what you might receive this year!

Will the Accio! Halloween Box be included with existing subscriptions?

The Accio Halloween Box is a separate one-time box, meaning it does not replace or supplement any existing subscriptions. It will have to be ordered separately.


Will existing subscribers still receive a box in October?

Yes! Anyone who already has a subscription in October will still receive an Accio! Box as usual, and the theme will be fitting for the time of year. However, the items in the Accio! Halloween Box are unique to that box, so there won’t be any repeat items between the two boxes.


How much will the Accio! Halloween Box cost?

The Accio! Halloween Box will retail for $29.99, plus shipping. Shipping will be the usual $9.99 for domestic orders, $14.99 to Canada, and $19.99 international. The retail value of the box is around $58, so it’s a great deal!


When will I receive my Accio! Halloween Box?

We will be opening orders for the Accio! Halloween Box on September 1st and continue to take orders for the box through October 5th or until we sell out. After October 5th, orders will be closed and we will prepare to ship the boxes by October 15th at the latest, so boxes should hopefully arrive in time for the weekend before Halloween, even for international folks!


What will be included in the Accio! Halloween Box?

We’ve already teased one of the items on our Instagram page! Each box will contain two Dark Mark stemless wine glasses, because what fun is wine if you don’t get to share it with a friend? We don’t want to give away the surprise on all the other items, but we can tell you that we will be including a couple of items for your home, a bath and body care product, something to help you with your Potter-inspired Halloween decor, and an edible item, as well as some tips and instructions for DIYs and recipes perfect for throwing a Potteriffic Halloween party! ┬áMore spoilers to come, so be sure you watch our social media pages! (As always, all items are Accio! exclusives or are created by small, independent artisans.)



Take my Galleons! How do I order an Accio! Halloween Box?

We will be selling pre-orders for the Accio! Halloween Box on September 1st and will give the link to the boxes at that time. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the announcement!


Have questions we didn’t answer? Hit us up on Facebook or Instagram, or contact us at info[at]acciobox[dot]com!